TUMAX offers a wide variety of products to photographers.

When it comes to photography, it is always a plus to have an external flash with you.

Flash can give you the extra lighting you need when shooting indoors, at night, or in a cloudy day.

It is also useful when you are photographing with fill flash outside or taking photos of groups of people, where you are not close to the subject but still want some highlighting. Moreover, it helps to reduce the red-eye phenomenon.

With so many advantages, you absolutely need to acquire yourself at least one flash in your camera bag.

From the popular TTL flashes, to the conventional auto flashes, to the simple manual flashes, you can find them in our product ranges.

We also offer many other professional accessories to help you to excel in your photographic jobs.

Our accessories include flash diffusers, TTL flash off-camera cord, mounting bracket, slave trigger, etc. You should be able to find one that suit your needs.

So come and check out our product lines now!